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Midas M32 Audio Console Mixer

High quality audio is paramount to the success of any event. This is why the audio engineers at Guerrilla utilize world-class sound reinforcement systems and top of the line digital processing to produce an unparalleled audio experience for every audience. 

Acoustic Modeling Sound Engineer Concert

Guerrilla uses line array elements in conjunction with cutting edge acoustic simulators to provide even coverage throughout any venue. This reduces unwanted echo and

ensures every audience member the same experience.

Our audio inventory consists of multiple line array systems from various top manufactures which are perfect for large crowds. We also carry a wide selection of point source speakers for more intimate events and on-stage monitor systems.


Our mid and high range systems are supplemented by an extensive selection of low frequency control elements. We are proud to stock and provide high wattage systems for even the most bass heavy events.  

JBL VTX Line Array


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